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These are the original Terms & Conditions.

1. Agreement to the Terms and Conditions herein

Before registering an account with PocketCFI’s website (, all subdomains and all forwarded domains) or its mobile app on iOS or Android (“App”), all users must read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in this Terms & Conditions Agreement.

2. Privacy

You agree that you have read our Privacy Policy, that you understand it fully and that you accept all of its terms and conditions.

3. Copyright / Trademark

PocketCFI is a trademark of “Aviation On The Go, Inc.” (“PCFI” or “We”). All content, images, videos and any and all intellectual property (“Content”) found on our App are the sole property of PCFI. This content may not be copied, redistributed, licensed or sold by any individual or entity. The content may only be accessed or used through our App. All content in our App is protected by legal copyright laws of the United States. Any action violating our copyrights and trademarks may result in legal action.

4. Usage of our Content

Our content is designed to benefit users, who are Aviation Students (“Students”) and who are seeking a Pilot Certificate or multiple Pilot Certificates (“Pilot Licenses”) from an EASA, DGCA or FAA authorized Flight School (“Aviation Authorities”). This content is intended to help students with aspects of their flight training and is separated into categories. By using our App all users agree that they are responsible for any and all outcomes of their interactions with flight schools and all personel of said flight schools. Users agree that PCFI content is to be used merely as a guide and does not constitute legal rules under any aviation authority. Users of our app are responsible to advise PCFI if any content on our app is misleading or false. PCFI does not take responsibility for users acting on false information. All users furthermore agree to the following terms and conditions:

4.1 Free Content

Our free content includes our Flight School Operations Course (“FSOC”), our Conversion Guides for EASA and the DGCA (“Conversion Guides”), our FAA Material Section (“FAA Materials”) and our Affordable Materials Section (“Affordable Materials”). This content is available for use by any user who registers through our App. Students may read / watch this content in order to gain an understanding of how the Flight Training Industry works. With this knowledge students may be able to make more educated decisions about the flight school they wish to train at or the flight school they are currently training at. This content is a guide for students, but is not a substitute for any and all training required to obtain a Pilot’s License through any and all Aviation Authorities. Furthermore we do not claim that our content is guaranteed to improve the training situation for any student in the present or the future. PCFI does not have control over the actions and decisions taken by Flight Schools and is therefore not responsible for any hardship, financial loss or suffering of any sort by any student suffered at the hands of flight schools. PCFI does not take responsibility for the actions flight schools take against students or for any and all consequnces students may suffer as a result of our free content.

4.1.1 FSOC

The FSOC was written by a former Chief Flight Instructor and Director of Operations of a FAA Part 141 approved Flight School. The content in this section was finalized in late 2017 and may or may not reflect current calculations, prices and or numbers as related to flight training in any other year. All examples, prices, quotes, numbers and Flight School comparisons are for illustration purposes only and do not necessarily reflect accurate calculations of any other flight school. The content in this section is used to illustrate concepts which are of importance to students seeking an education in a flight school in the United States. The calculations and numbers used in the FSOC aim to teach students fundamental concepts which could potentially help them in their aviation training career. These concepts could be conveyed with other numbers and do not rely on accuracy. PCFI does not claim or garuantee that any of the information given in the FSOC is garuanteed to help or imporve a students training situation, financial situation or any and all circumstances.

4.1.2 DGCA & EASA Conversion Guides

Our Conversion Guides summarize the regulations of the Aviation Authorities. These summaries are intended to show students the regulations and requirements which must be completed in order to convert their existing FAA Pilot’s License into either an EASA or DGCA Pilot’s License. Our Guide is created with direct reference to the regulations and information provided by the Aviation Authorities. PCFI does not take responsibility if the Aviation Authorities reject a students conversion for any reason. We do not have control over new policies, new decisions or the decisions of any one government official in these Aviation Authorities. Our guide is to be used alongside the regulations, but not in lieu of the regulations or any other legal information published by the Aviation Authorities, which may or may not be included in the conversion guides.

4.1.3 FAA Materials

In this section of our App we have collected a series of publically available FAA publications which we deem important for students education. We did not write the content of these books and are not responsible for the information contained therein. All of the publications listed on our App are publically available on the FAA website and are the sole property of the FAA. PCFI does not take responsibility for students unsatisfactory knowledge in any official FAA exam, because of this section of our App, as the content of this section was created by the FAA itself.

4.1.4 Affordable Materials

The affordable materials section of our App was designed so students could purchase all the training materials they might need and save money. Each suggested product is a link directly to Each product purchased from becomes the responsibility of the student. Each student should familiarize themselves with Amazon’s Conditions of Use prior to conducting any purchases through them. PCFI does not take any responsibility for any part of the ordering process, delivery process, condition of and or financial transactions concerning products or services from

5. The Pilot’s Lounge & School Database Content Policy

Users of our App may participate in the Pilots Lounge and our Flight School Database (“The Lounge”). The Lounge is an interactive Forum where users are free to interact with each other through various user created topics. PCFI does not support or sponsor any content in the Lounge. It is a free and open community whose content is created solely by the users of our App. We do not promote or discourage any content that meets our content policy. While using the Lounge, users agree to our content policy:

5.1 Users may not publish or post any content that:

  1. contains language with: Profanity, disrespect, discrimination, vulgarity and any and all derogatory statements. Doing so will result in an immediate and permanent ban without notice or warning
  2. is irrelevant to the topics listed in the Lounge
  3. is illegal in the United States, India or Europe
  4. contains any and all types of pornography and sexual statements
  5. encourages or incites violence
  6. threatens, harasses, or bullies or encourages others to do so
  7. is personal and confidential information
  8. impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner, or impersonates someone for the sake of bettering someone else or a flight school
  9. uses the Lounge to solicit or facilitate any transaction or gift involving certain goods and services
  10. is spam

6. Consultations

Our Consultations are available for use by any user who registers for our App. Users may hire one of our professional PCFI Consultants (“Consultants”) through our App for a one time fee. By paying this fee the student bought the right for a one hour consultation session, which is scheduled in the app and confirmed via email. The date and time of the consultations are set during the booking process in our App. Since English is the language of aviation, all our consultations are going to be held in English. It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure his level of English is appropriate for the consultation that was booked. PCFI does not take responsibility nor does PCFI endorse the statements and opinions of it’s consultants. Consultants are not authorized to give users suggestions about any and all decisions the user may or may not need to make in the future. Consultants are solely hired to educated the users on legal facts pertaining to the users questions. It is the users responsibility to report any consultant to PCFI that is not following these rules within this service agreement.

6.1 These consultations are designed to:

  1. supplement our free content by giving students the ability to ask specific questions about certain topics
  2. help students Analyze flight school materials and contracts, in order to point out potential areas of concern
  3. help students address concerns about their current training situation and any other questions they might have

We do not claim that our consultations will improve the students circumstances at their school, because we cannot control or influence the behavior of the student and the flight school personnel. Our consultations are meant to support and educate the student of what we believe is happening at his or her flight school, but we do not guarantee that our consultations will result in any change of the students current circumstances. The mere transfer of knowledge does not guarantee the right application of said knowledge.

6.2 Disputes & Refunds

All disputes and refund requests will be acknowledged by PCFI, but may or may not be granted. Follow the policies outline below when requesting a refund, submitting a dispute or filing a claim.

6.2.1 Requests we honor:

  1. A Consultation was booked, but the Consultant never showed up for the appointment
  2. A Consultant was disrespectful, rude and or in any way inappropriate towards a student
  3. The consultation had a bad connection and communication between the student and the consultant was not possible.

6.2.2 Requests we do not honor:

  1. The consultation took place and the student claimed it did not
  2. The student claimed that the communication with the consultant was not possible, but it sounded clear
  3. The student claimed inappropriate behavior by the consultant, but no indication of such behaviour was found
  4. Any and all false claims made by the student

6.2.3 Dispute & Refund Process

As soon as we receive a dispute or a refund request we will launch an investigation into the claims. We will first listen to the consultation to substantiate the claims. We will then interview the consultant and review your claim. After comparing the claims against the recording we will determine if the claim is true or false. If the claims are true the following actions will be taken:

We will issue an immediate refund and schedule another consultation free of charge

We will issue an immediate refund and schedule another consultation free of charge

We will issue an immediate refund.

If the claims are determined to be false, the student will be notified by email and a decision will be made if the students account will be deleted and the students IP history banned from our App.

6.3 Transaction Fees

PCFI does not charge any transaction fees for our consultations. Our charges are reflected at the time of booking. Any fees charged by your bank, paypal or any other service provider that is needed to complete the transaction is not part of PCFI, endorsed by PCFI or controlled by PCFI. Any and all charges users occur above and beyond our consultation charge are the responsibility of the user.

7. Electronic Communications

When you contact us through electronic means such as email or a contact form you agree that you have given us your information willingly and that we are now authorized to add your email to our customer email list. We are now authorized to contact you via the information you provided us.

8. Users Identity

During our registration process every user is asked for a series of Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”). Read our Privacy Policy for more information. Users have the ability to register to our site with an email and a password, thereby forgoing the need to supply us with PII. However, if the user elects to provide us PII she or he must give her or his true information. Users are not allowed to fake their identity, impersonate others or give any false information. Our registration process will seek to verify your information in order to establish your true identity. If the information a student gave to us is not accurate or not present the user’s privileges assigned to their account will be different. Only users whose identity is verified by our registration process will be able to gain full access to our App’s features.

9. Facebook Pixel

Our website uses the Facebook Pixel to gather information about our current advertising and marketing campaigns. By using our App you are giving us consent to continue to use the Pixel and you agree that you are aware of its presence on our App. We encourage our users to read our Privacy Policy as well as Facebook’s Data Policy for more information.