How to become a Pilot

The best step by step guide to becoming a Commercial Pilot

It is your journey

In this guide we will show you how to become a pilot; and we mean every single step: From the moment you first dream of becoming a pilot until the moment you hold the license in your hands. This professionally designed checklist is the only one of its kind and it will help you keep track, as you begin your journey from 0 to 30,000 feet; Finish all your licenses and gather all required documents for your license conversion at home.

It is your future

Our guide is the most comprehensive guide in the industry: designed solely for students, without any connection to agents or flight schools. You see, the problem you face is this: Schools and Agents claim to guide you, but they have financial incentives to not tell you the truth and hide details from you. Friends and Family have great intentions, but often forget important details or don't know themselves. PocketCFI solves this for you.

What this guide is for

Welcome to the most comprehensive guide on "How to become a Pilot" in the entire aviation industry. This guide will show you every single step you have to take in order to go from having a dream, to becoming a Commercial Pilot. Each phase of your journey is divided into steps. Each step begins with a thorough explanation of what it is about and why PocketCFI chose to present the information in the order we did. This is followed by a checklist that will illustrate each and every step you have to accomplish. When you check an item off it will save your progress and remember where you left off. This allows you to have a detailed overview of your current progress in becoming a commercial pilot.

Before you begin

This guide is interactive and will present you information based on the proper selections you make. Please make sure you select the correct items in order to view the proper checklist. This checklist should be used in conjunction with our Flight School Operations Course. We will reference this document frequently throughout this guide.
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